There were always a special place for a Cat in Slavic folklore. A cat attracts much attention to itself, it became a symbol of wisdom and scholarship, the homekeeper. Cat was also credited with magical, fairy-tale properties, endowed him with almost human qualities. The performance "Cat's" is a reflection of our love and sympathy for the representatives of the cat family.

Featuring fantastic made with love costumes in traditional Russian style we use no words but Music to tell the story of kindness and friendship, about careless and consiquences. Spectacular images capture your attention and throw all your grown up background away to make you became an enthusiastic kid again for a moment.

Note: It has nothing to do with politics or religion, just an abstract and kind fairy tale.

Beautiful girls walk in the forest, frolicing and dancing. That attracts the attention of a Cat. Turns out this cat is not ordinary but a were-cat. A curious cat wanted to get acquainted and play with the girls, he was very bored being alone in the forest. He looked just like any ordinary cat, so girls started to drive him away. That's why cat has bitten one of them. And after that, one after another, the beauties suddenly reincarnated as cats.

They have no choice but to get used to their new essence, accept it and figure out how to negotiate the cat and regain their human appearance.

 Programmable lighting effects
 Props — lighting poi and pixel poi
 Lighting staffs
 Video background