Sounds of Night performance

Imagine, dream and plunge into the world of mysterious shadows, mysteries and sounds of the Night. The action takes place among three spirits of Nature, who were always a single whole, but suddenly lost the power of unity and harmony.

A fairy tale in perfect artistic form speaks of the eternal search for the meaning of life, of the power of kindness and good.

First, three Origami characters appear in the circle of spectators. There are intricate shaped lanterns in their hands. Characters walk among the audience, interact with them. Flashlights, like batteries, are charged from the smiles and goodwill of people and begin to glow in different colors! The Light has a life-giving power, and our characters manage to revive a tree (light decoration), it flares up with magical light.

Every single touch of a flashlight, the tree lights up in different colors. But not only the tree was under the influence of magical light, the characters themselves begin to glow from wonderful lanterns. The main action begins - the "Origami" — a beautiful dance, where the dynamically glowing costumes and the unusual choreography harmoniously merged into a single unique spectacle! The Red character is seized by an irresistible desire to take on the others and become the only master! So she attacks her friends, drawing a magic sword from its scabbard. The green and yellow characters confront her, and they manage to restore their lost unity!

The performance ends with an interactive part — the audience dances and dances with the characters of the performance!